Pieboss | A New Pie Experience


Our goal is to provide you with the best Pies, Desserts, and Special Treats! Because of that, we do not cut corners. All of our products are made fresh and from scratch every day! Plus we do not use any preservatives for any of our products. This way you get the authentic taste for your taste buds.

The Pies
Otherwise we would just be... Boss?

Discounted pricing is available for our bulk purchase of 6 or more fozen pies!

Pepper Steak $6.49

Cheeseburger $5.99

Chicken and Mushroom $5.99

Spicy Chicken $5.99

Ham and Cheese $5.99

Spicy Mixed Vegetable $5.59

Spinach and Feta $5.59

Sausage Roll $5.99

Beef Pasty $5.99

Everyone has a sweet tooth!

    Apple Crumble $2.75

    Vanilla Custard Tart $2.50

    Chocolate Custard Tart $2.75

Specials & Limited Time Offers
Straight from the Pie Boss Lab, get them while they last!

    Spicy Lamb 

    Spicy Steak 

    Chicken Peri Peri 

    Lamb Bunny Chows